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Maryland Home Inspectors  Pricing and Appointments

Serving Baltimore, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, Howard, Queen Annes and surrounding areas.
There are different things involved the cost of a home inspection.  My rates are competitive, especially given the quality of the service I provide.  It would be difficult in to accurately list a price for any given job.  I don't want to mislead you by posting some generic pricing information that may not apply to your particular situation.  Call me and we can discuss the specifics. 

You can also use this > contact form to inquire about pricing. 

You can inquire about prices using e-mail too.  My address is  If you use e-mail to inquire, please include the property address. This way I can research the details and provide an accurate fee quote.

I am probably not the least expensive inspector in town, nor am I the most expensive.  However, given the amount of time I put into serving you, I doubt you'll find a better value.  You tell me, is it worth saving $50 now to find expensive problems down the road when it's too late to adjust for them?

I never schedule more than one inspection per day.  Because of this, I won't be rushing your job to meet another scheduled appointment.  I'll take the time that is needed and I won't rest until I've delivered a good product. 

Call me at 410-733-3238.

Arundel Home Inspection LLC
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